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2With our ezines, you’re in control. Choose what to view (or not) by clicking on thethumbnail icon below or on the Table of Contents on the front page. Save it forlater by installing it on your desktop. New editions will automatically update yourinstalled copy.BE DIFFERENT, BE MEMORABLE, ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCEWHY AN E-ZINE?Here’s my gripe list:e-newsletters that mostly look alike don’t motivate me to viewtoo much to readlaundry list format means scrolling through to see if there is anything of interest Can’t always find the things I meant to read at a later timeDear Reader, (or should I say viewer?)If you have gotten to this page, it means you were intrigued enough to open thisezine and continue viewing. .....And that’s the point. It’s not the “opens” thatmatter, it’s whether or not the audience is open to learning a bit more. That is whyI try to include a moving image on whatever is to be disseminated by email. Like you, I am overwhelmed by newsletters that appear in my email inbox. I’msure many of them have valuable information, but I have to decide on the spotwhether or not I have the time or inclination to read them.TAP IMAGES TO SEE WHAT WE’RE ABOUTThe viewing and narration options can beaccessed via the icons and video player at thebottom of each window. Your feedback is always welcome. P.S. REMINDERThe yellow flashes you see indicate there ismore information behind the image or text

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3DON’T FORGET THE NARRATIONPROMOTE THE FIRM THE INDIVIDUALIt may sound trite, but the fact remains that people do business with those theyknow, like and trust. The marketing materials that companies create for theirrainmakers and associates promote the company, products and services. It’s upto the individuals to distinguish themselves from competitors and colleaguesalike. Everyone is unique and that uniqueness can be captured on video or audio,so why not use what you’ve got? All Lavender Landings creations can be personalized for individuals. We replicatethe piece that bears the company brand and message and then each replicationcan be custom video or audio narrated. This gives your an audience a sense ofwho you are. Most company websites that feature a roster of individual associates, look likepages from a high school yearbook circa 1999. Embedding individually narratedmaterials creates that very first step in bonding with the people you want toconnect with. It’s like planting seeds that blossom into flowers. Because our deliverables are URLs, distributioncan be infinite. URLs can be distributed byemail, in email signature blocks, social media or on business cards via QR codes. NARRATIONINCREASESENGAGEMENT 5X!

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4A narrated invitation is a very strongcall to action and hard to ignore.We can embed a link to a video of aprevious event or a video of thekeynote speaker to make yourinvitation unlike any other. INVITATIONMake it easy for your audience to learnabout upcoming events. We cancreate a great narrated eventscalendar for you to send in an email. We will provide the code so it can beaccessed through your website as wellCALENDAR OF EVENTSFilling seats for events is always a challenge. Distributing by URL means there isthe potential to be seen by an unlimited number of eyes especially when yournarration encourages viewers to use the “share” button. We provide not just theURLs, but the code to embed on your website, images and a video teaser to makeit easy to post on social media. If your event is for a non-profit, be sure to include an emotional video appeal anda donation button or a link to a merch store. WHO CAN RESIST A PERSONAL INVITATION?FILL THOSE SEATS

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5DISTRIBUTE THEM VIA EMAIL, WEBSITE, SOCIAL MEDIAMAGNETIZE YOUR LEAD MAGNETSIf your lead magnet only consists of a form with an offer, you are missing theboat. They can be independent of your website meaning you can distribute themin multiple ways, multiplying the impact. All our materials have an optional LeadGate that can capture viewer contact information. Think of your lead magnet as a streaming show available on multiple businesscommunications and multiple platforms like smart TVs, smart phones, andcomputers. TIP: While most people offer something that directly promotes their business, like abook they’ve written, consider promoting something created by a strategicpartner. You will still be appealing to the same audience and collecting the samecontact information, but this is a much softer approach and your strategic partnerwill also want to promote you in exchange.

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